Natasha Thompson, Danielle Harris,

Jayla Williams


Natasha Thompson has an MBA, but it only succeeded in landing her a job she absolutely hates. Her boss is sleeping with his assistant, and it's Natasha's job to cover for them every day. How much more lying can she do before she gets sick of deceiving for the likes of her horrible boss?

Danielle Harris certainly has big dreams. She knows that if she can just find the right break, she can become a Broadway star. As the latest contestant on a Broadway musical competition show, she will have to show America that she's got the talent to make it to the top.

Jayla Williams has passed the bar, but can't actually practice law until she finds a job. Depressed and frustrated from her unemployment, she takes a temporary position that she thinks she's sure to hate. At the same time, she has to deal with her cousin's many wedding woes and her attraction to someone new...

Author Eugenia R. Jefferson provides valuable insight into the millennial experience through the eyes of three women of color. All three encounter frustration, competition, rejection, and even romance as they navigate post college life and face a wide-open future.



"Confessions of a Frustrated Millennial was a refreshing read. I enjoyed the characters and could envision each character as a separate book. Kuddo's to Ms. Jefferson on her first book; I would definitely recommend it and look forward for more to come." ~ Ronda D. 

"Confessions of a Frustrated Millennial really blessed me, I love how it was so relatable to my personal life experiences and how encouraging it was. I've read a plethora of books but none as inspiring as this one, after reading this I was able to apply lessons from the book to my everyday life. This book changed my perspective and gave me a new motivation." ~ Jeakeitha C.

"I immensely enjoyed reading this, and finished it in 2 days. I think the characters are extremely relatable, and I identified the most with Natasha. I enjoy the hope that comes with reading this book. Bravo." ~ Kristy B. 



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