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It has always been a dream of mine to write a novel and my dream has finally come true. It took me about three years to write this, but I felt it was a novel that will resonate with many people.

Confessions of a Frustrated Millennial explores the frustration that can come about when transitioning into adulthood. While there are many books and articles that prepare high school students for college and undergraduate students for grad school, there’s no handbook when it comes to graduating out of college.

The fact is that life happens, sometimes life turns out the way we dreamed and sometimes life just isn’t fair…I could argue that most people could agree with the latter part of the statement. Which is why we have the popular phrase #FML – F-- -My Life.

However, you don’t have to continue with the “FML” mindset. The fact is life gets better. It might be bad or look hopeless, but eventually it gets better. The journey of my characters varies, but they all have different dreams they would like to achieve. Achieving those dreams are not easy, but if you trust God in the process, He’ll do “exceeding and abundantly above all you could ever ask or think” (that’s what my God will do!)

Confessions of a Frustrated Millennial was published in February 2017, but God has blessed me with some amazing opportunities such as being in the Chicago’s Black Women Expo and speaking at various churches.

I invite you to follow my author’s journey through my blog. You’ll be able to see new book developments, speaking engagements and upcoming book projects :) Also, my blog won’t be a solely focused on my book, but occasionally I’ll provide motivational messages.

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Thank you all for following my journey!

- Eugenia