"I've read Confessions Of A Frustrated Millennial twice and found it to be just as insightful, relevant and entertaining the second time around as it was the first. I understand that it is a fictional account, but it is infused with real frustration, confusion and the resultant feelings of hopelessness that confront our young people as they rejected, time and again, and doors close as they try to navigate adulthood, Independence and responsibility in their quest to reach their goals and dreams, especially in this economic climate. Every high school and college student should read this book because it inspires you to not give up, to use your skills and build on your accomplishments. It helps you see that if you don't give up, if you keep trying in spite of the setbacks; if you keep moving forward, stay focused, a door will eventually open and you will realize your dreams and achieve your goals. 

I am a 59 years old and far from being a frustrated millennial, but I can appreciate what  the author and her friends may have gone through. I am a parent 21 year old university senior who, undoubtedly, will experience the frustration of post-college life and job hunting. Parents, read this book and get a sense of what they will go through as they 'adult'. Be supportive and help them stay positive." ~ Millie A. 

"I really enjoyed reading this novel; it's a great first publication by a new author. I am an avid reader, so it's all too often when I can predict how a story will end, or get turned off by cliche' turns of phrase and over-done, corny situations. This was refreshingly different, and kept my interest until the very end. I really wanted to know how things would turn out for the main characters. Looking forward to more from this author!" ~ Infini E.